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TTM (TermTech Master) – ATM Back Office Suite

User Interface – RODIMUS

Rodimus is a perfect interface choice providing speed and easy utilization for all institutions demanding real time customer service integrally from an ATM. TermTech enables monitoring of ATM line statuses, failure statuses of units on ATM, replenishment statuses of related units (receipt, notes/coins etc.), update statuses of files on ATM and ATM’s general service statuses via its rapidly and easily manageable user interface of the TTM (TermTech Master) – ATM Back Office Suite product family’s user interface Rodimus software.

Agile. Adaptive. Efficient.

TTM (TermTech Master) – ATM Back Office Suite Solutions

Now it is possible to reset and test the units on the ATM remotely in order to reduce institutions’ ATM operational costs and to increase efficiency while monitoring the statuses of units on ATM.

When it is used with our Guardian product, it enables fast access to images of the person performing the operation.

It is possible to troubleshoot failures recorded according to certain criteria and different evaluations of failures/incidents. If troubleshooting is not possible, a Ticket is opened with the failure details for in house units or external relevant units thus required action is taken as fast as possible while the whole process is documented.

Store electronic journal files generated on ATM’s based on PCI rules and standards on a single point in the institution’s headquarters and enable formatted access to the related transaction or transactions in the journal whenever desired.

File transfers from/to ATM’s and headquarters can be performed automatically with predefined parameter definitions and also can be done easily and without planning an/or spontaneously by drag and drop or file(s) selection method.

Manage, track and report all processes of an ATM from purchase to disposal on a single system.