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TTP (TermTech Prime) – Online Suite

User Interface – RODIMUS

Rodimus is a perfect interface choice providing speed and easy utilization for all institutions demanding real time customer service integrally from an ATM. TermTech enables monitoring of ATM line statuses, failure statuses of units on ATM, replenishment statuses of related units (receipt, notes/coins etc.), update statuses of files on ATM and ATM’s general service statuses via its rapidly and easily manageable user interface of the TTM (TermTech Master) – ATM Back Office Suite product family’s user interface Rodimus software.

Reliable. Sustainable. Scalable.

TTP (TermTech Prime) – Online Suite Solutions

When compared with all other channels of institutions, number of transactions at ATM’s is well ahead. ATM Transaction Server (Optimus) structure offers:

  • Continuous operation,
  • Rapid response,
  • Ability to define new transactions easily,
  • Minimum software load with a parametric infrastructure

Providing flexibility for your system. ATM is a channel providing 24/7 service for your institution’s customers and seamless operation of server software running at the headquarters ensures continuous ATM transactions without any interruptions.

Planning individual field operations for key loading on ATM’s is not a necessity for institutions anymore. With ATM Remote Key Loading (Nemesis) software, expedite your key loading operations and reduce your costs.

Institutions use HSM (Host Security Model) device to ensure transaction security for management of ATM and POS based transactions besides card and password generation. For transaction security and Key management, meet all your HSM utilization requirements with HSM Management (Omega) System.

Manage ISO 8583 protocol which is an international standard regarding your institution’s all kinds of system integration via Switch ISO 8583 (Trion).

Switch ISO 8583 (Trion) software;

  • For management of transactions between various systems (integration between ATM system and banking systems and/or card systems)
  • For management of transactions between banks and/or different institutions,
  • For management of acquiring and issuing transactions with other banks via international institutions such as BKM, VISA, MasterCard,

required Key management is provided over HSM’s in compliance with security standards.


Furthermore, Switch infrastructure also supports other unique protocols like REST, JSON, WCF, Web Service along with ISO 8583.