TTS (TermTech SecurIty) – ATM Camera & Fraud DetectIon SuIte – EN

TTS (TermTech Security) – ATM Camera & Fraud Detection Suite

Hardware Solutions

As well as robust software products, TermTech also provides prominent solutions suitable for a variety of requirements with its hardware R&D studies for ATM and payment equipment. These include ideal products for institutions that aim to ensure ATM security with cameras and also those who aim to monitor environmental conditions of ATM cabinets remotely and respond when required. Also allows utilization of mobile payment equipment and EFT POS devices with a smart touch.

Shield. Safe. Secure.

TTS-B (BVR Device + “Guardian” Software)

The most encountered and frequently increased methodology for ATM fraud in recent years is cloning customer card information and password.

Protect your ATM’s against external interventions with this robust software providing a manageable camera system, advantageous camera recording infrastructure and also ATM security with fraud detection capabilities.